Scaredy Cat: Devlog 03/26/24

Scaredy Cat: Devlog 03/21/24
March 21, 2024
Scaredy Cat: Devlog 03/21/24
March 21, 2024

Devlog: Mar 26 2024

  • Quests

  • Teleports

    Devlog: Embarking on a Quest (System) and Teleportation Adventures

    Today was a productive day focused on implementing some of the more important and challenging game systems. No more fiddling around with ambience-related matters until this is sorted! 

    First, I worked on setting up Scaredy Cat's quest system using the Quest Machine plugin from Pixel Crushers. To help streamline quest creation, I created prefabs for NPCs/objects that trigger quest and dialogue events. This lays a solid foundation for the questing system.

    I also experimented with creating an editor tool to add quests manually during runtime, which is handy for development and testing actual content on the fly. I did manage to write and implement one quest today which was quite simple was "complete" after being triggered if Henny went to work.

    Next, I finished up with the teleportation functionality. I set up teleporters connecting the major areas within the starting zone.

    To make the teleports less jarring between areas, I thought it would be good to use fades between teleports, enhancing the overall player experience. The function that handles the player teleportation, zone change and camera update logic can be called from other scripts in the future - this will be handy for story moments as well.

    On the content side, I added some new assets to the project (mostly spritesheets of animals) and started to slice them up for future use.

    Overall, today's progress focused on multiple aspects of the game - quests, teleportation, content integration and some tooling improvements. These systems will play a crucial role in shaping Scaredy Cat and providing an engaging narrative-driven experience.

    Stay tuned for more development updates as we continue to refine and expand the game. 👋