WE ARE A-E-I-O • a video game company
Our vision: to bring people together with intuitive gameplay and immersive experiences.

As it is important in modern teams,

We have diversity in the way of gender, ethnicity and thought. Our team has formal professional qualifications in commerce and computer science along with years of working knowledge in the corporate realm.

While we are currently based in Australia, our team have lived in and travelled to several countries including the US, India, EU, Middle East and Japan which has given us a global mindset and an understanding of different regions. We hope to bring people all around the world closer through our games, whether it be through cooperative play or shared love of a story. We aim to localise our games in different languages.

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the founders

What's better than one founder?

Two co-founders - Awal Premi and Melissa Koven.
Between us we have an MBA, a developer, designer and product owner. One of us worked at a Fortune 10 company, the other only at a Fortune 50 company. Probably more hours of in-game time logged than we realise or care to admit.